Dubai Creek

Dubai Creek is the finest place for those who like to visit the soul of a city. This part of the town is very rich in culture and heritage as this is the part where everything started and the very first tribe settled. If you are the one who has special taste for the heritage of a place, this is the spot to be.

Dubai Creek

One of the things about Dubai that inspires me most is the Dubai creek. The creek in the past extended to Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary and now it extends to the Persian Gulf. Some sources states that this creek initially extended as far inland as Al Ain and Greeks used to call it River Zara.


Type  Saltwater Creek Located in Dubai,
Location Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Bridges Al Garhoud Bridge, Business Bay Crossing, Al Maktoum Bridge
Opened Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club in January of 1993
Museum 1787-built museum located inside the Al Fahidi Fort

Burj Khalifa

History indicates that the creek divided the city into two parts Deira and Bur Duba. The first tribe settled in 19th century along the Bur Duba and the tribe was known as Bani Yas. By the start of 20th century the creek wasn’t capable of supporting large scale transportation but it still managed to be one of the things that played an important part in the economic stability of Dubai. During that time it served as a minor port for the dhows that were either from India or East Africa. Dubai’s pearl industry which turned out to be a major game changer for city’s economy was based on the expeditions that were ran in the creek. During 20th century fishing was also considered to open economic gates and the creek supported a quite wide variety of wildlife. Dhows or small fishing boats were also made on the shores of creek. In 1902 the ruler of Dubai abolished all custom duties on imports and declared the creek to be a free trading zone.

Dubai-creek Inside

During ww2 Dubai had no airport and the creek was used as a site to land seaplanes and there number would go up to 8 within a week. In 1955 there were made some changes at creek for it to host larger ships especially loading and unloading of cargo. Al Makhtom Bridge was known to be the first bridge that connected the two parts of the city that were Bur Duba and Deira. The bridge was constructed in 1963. Though the creek nowadays isn’t involved in much trade except with Subcontinent it still manages to be a tourist attraction site. Major buildings alongside Deira side are Deira twin towers, Dubai creek tower, National bank and Chamber of commerce. While on the other side of the bridge is one of the largest parks of Dubai also known as Dubai Creek Park. There is also a Golf and Yatch Club by the side of Creek which consists of a Park Hyatt Hotel and various club houses along with residential area with 18 hole tournament golf course. Previously used transportation between eastern and western parts of Dubai was by abras and these small boats are still used today as source of transportation which also adds more to the tourism. Furthermore, the UAE government reportedly suggested the building of a new project which would consist of seven islands on the Dubai creek and the center of the project would be the Dubai Creek tower which is going to be the tallest building of the world. Three more bridges apart from the four that were built earlier to connect the creek to city are suggested to be built.

Dubai Creek, The Heart of Dubai

Dubai Creek.
Cruise Down the Dubai Creek.

One of the most amazing things about Dubai is that the creek is in the middle of city and it appears to be that it is appealing to both traders and tourists alike due to the fact that it is the only port in the city. Though the bridge connects the two sides of the city but if you want to feel natural and want to feel the world having all of its charm in a preserved like state I would suggest you to book an Uber ride and go straight to the creek and take a water taxi. The dhows are not among the fastest water transport there and proves to be a great source for sightseeing. While passing under the bridges you can experience the sky touching skyscrapers and these buildings proves to be a great sight at night because of the colorful showdown of lights around. There are also many live shows, plays and fireworks there which adds more to the beauty of the city. Apart from all this development there is a sight of heritage which is known as the Bur Dubai village and it provides an insight about the pearling business that were the major source of Dubai’s economy for a long time. It also proves to be a great sight for experiencing how locals lived connecting the coastal, desert and the mountain life all together.

Location And Activities To Do

Dubai Creek Park is located between Garhoud and Makhtoum bridges and have a total area of 96 hectares making it one of the biggest parks in Dubai. The park can be accessed through creek using boats and also provides a landing pad for helicopters. Though the park grants many facilities to its tourists roller skating on the shore of creek still manages to be the most good among all the facilities. The Dubai Dolphinarium and Children’s city also provides wonderful views over the Dubai creek. The Children’s city offers a whole section of sciences which represents human body, space, electricity and planetarium. The park is well known for the peaceful environment it provides to its visitors. The facilities that the park offers are Cable car, Barbecue areas, train rides, cafes, and food stalls. The cable car is suspended over 30 meters and one can travel almost 2.3 km of the creek park in an hour. Al Fahidi fort is considered to be one of the oldest building of Dubai and was built in 1787 and attracts more tourists for its rich cultural heritage. The dolphin show at the Dubai Dolphinarium is worth watching and is quite amusing for children and adults alike. All the charm that Dubai offers and its beautiful glowing nights is really an experience one must go through in their life. The city of riches is no doubt proves to be one of the best tourist sites in the world and along with being monetarily rich, it is rich in culture and its heritage which is the main attraction in Dubai creek.

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