Burj Al Arab
Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab is one of the most luxurious hotels in the city of Dubai. If you are new to this city, then you will be glad to know that this hotel has been regarded seven-star hotel and with the facility is which good amazing to your root. This hotel is the third largest Hotel in Dubai with the height of 321 m. Before going to this hotel, you should remember some of the things, which would help you out to enjoy to its fullest.

If you were living in this hotel then, of course, you would see around much bars and Restaurants, which are available to serve you 24/7. For those people who just want to visit the inside of this hotel will not be able to do that until the reserve a seat in the hotel situated inside.


Type Skyscraper with a viewing deck, Restaurant, Hotel and offices and 11-hectare park
Architectural style Neo-futurismT
Location Dubai Downtown, Shaikh Zayed Road, Dubai
Floor count 160
Height 828m (2,717ft)
Opened 4th january 2010


Aquarium is situated in the lobby in a form which ensures that all the people could be you every part of the aquarium without any trouble.

If you are going to Burj Al Arab for a dine-in with your family, then you will be glad to know that there is a very well established aquarium available over here made by The world renowned ICM company. There are three aquariums available over here but the largest aquarium of this hotel comprises the size of 13 M long and 7.5 M wide. You can perceive from this size that how big this aquarium is. If you are willing to enjoy this aquarium, then you do not have to buy the ticket for the aquarium, but in fact, you need to go inside the hotel and enjoy the meal along with the view of the aquarium.

The restaurants are situated around the aquarium, which ensures that all the meal eats are going to view the luxurious species in the aquarium without any hesitation.

This aquarium is situated in the lobby in a form which ensures that all the people could be you every part of the aquarium without any trouble. It has more than 40 species Office including zebra, Clownfish, Bamboo Sharks and many other exotic fishes.

You will not be bored when you know that they are 4000 fishes available in this Burj Al Arab hotel of a different kind.

The luxurious Hotel of Burj Al Arab with the locality makes this aquarium one of the most visited place in Dubai city.


If you at home in this hotel then you will get the full experience of the aquariums situated around you wherever you go. There is an option of getting the suite in the hotel, which is made, in a way that the aquarium will be over your head with the fishes moving around. It is a kind of Underwater suite which gives the luxury of all the visitors to enjoy the aquarium to its fullest.


If you are willing to enter, the hotel for the view of the aquarium then there is an option of afternoon tea, which will be available for you. However, if you are willing to enjoy the food of the hotel along with the view of the aquarium, then the best option is to go for al maharasa restaurant, which is regarded one of the best in the hotel.

The reason for this hotel to being so much popular in the eyes of the tourists is that the aquarium is just with the hand reach from the food table you are sitting on.

For the best view of the aquarium, this hotel will be ideal for you.

Even though the aquarium viewing does not cost you are a single penny but the restaurant and the here about in the hotel are very expensive so do not go In there if you do not have the budget in your pocket.



Burj Al Arab is one of the most popular places in the city of the Dubai so, of course, you can take a cab towards the total and get inside. For getting inside as you know that you need to have a reservation in one of the hotels situated inside. You can book the restaurant reservation on the phone and then you can get inside. Being the luxurious hotel in the city of Dubai if you are directly coming from the airport, then the service from Burj Al Arab allows you to come to this hotel through Rolls-Royce car. It is a way for them to welcome you with the personal chauffeur and the flower in hand.

There are no buses in the city, which will take the tourist to the Burj Al Arab Hotel, but if any is willing then they can take a couple of buses from Mall of Emirates, and it will take them to Burj Al Arab. However, the preferred option always be the cab which they can take from anywhere in the city and just tell them the place and they will take the tourist to this hotel without any hesitation.


Amazing burjalarab
Amazing burjalarab

It can’t be described in some sentences that how beautiful this places but in the words of the people who came here with open heart and mind told that, if you don’t have the budget in the pocket still you can enjoy the luxury of the hotel and the aquarium along with it in just some amount for the tea.

However, if a person can afford the food in this hotel, then they can refer the hotel of Al Maharasa, which will be the ideal choice if you intend to view the aquarium.

Also, it is recommended by The Tourist They don’t be self-conscious when you are sitting in this hotel as the structure of the hotel allows everyone to be amazed about it and also willing to take some pictures. Therefore, if anybody wants to take some pictures in the hotel for their memory and to so other people then, they can take pictures of anything they want without any hesitation.

If a tourist wants to spend more time in the hotel, then they can ask another t from the waiter, and they will bring it to you without any hesitation. You can take the photos of your meal in the restaurant, and it is not prohibited so enjoy the time of your life with family and friends and with

The view of the aquarium, which can amaze every human being with the feeling of being in the beautiful nature.

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