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One of the most exotic and fabulous places in the whole Dubai, is the Atlantis hotel. This is one of the best luxury hotel that are in the city. There are number of things that you can enjoy while your stay in the hotel but it is a must visit place and you should at least spend a day here.

Atlantis, The Palm

Atlantis, The Palm
One of the Most exotic and fabulous places in the whole Dubai, is the Atlantis hotel.

Atlantis the Palm is a hotel in Dubai full of luxuries and is present at the apex of the Palm Jermiah in the United Arab Emirates. It is known to be one of the first hotels that are built on an island and is basically themed after the myth of underwater city Atlantis. Though based on a myth the hotel continues to depict Arabian lifestyle. This luxurious hotel was opened back in 2008 as a venture between Kerzner International Holdings Limited and Ishtithmar. This mega resort consists of 1539 rooms that allows its guests to sink into the mythology of the underwater city Antlantis on which this hotel is based on. Due to the joint venture between Kerzner International Holdings and Ishtithmar the Isthitmar purchased 50% stake hold in Kerzner International for 250 million USD. Though this myth based hotel is a result of joint venture between two companies it is still managed by the Kerzner International Resorts. Mapping of this luxurious hotel was done by a designing firm known as WATG and this firm has a fine record of building luxury hotels. The construction contract was given to a multinational UK based company Laing O’Rourke. This company was responsible for the designing and the constructional phases of this hotel along with its water park. After the construction the hotel was opened to the general public on 24 September 2008. The building itself stands on The Palm an island worth over 12 Billion USD and was reclaimed from Persian Gulf. As a part of opening ceremony a light show of pictures that were moving was illuminated on the hotel.

FACTS ABOUT Atlantis, The Palm

Type Modern luxury resort and a five-star hotel, World’s largest artificial islands
Architecture Wimberly, Allison, Tong and Goo (WATG)
Location Palm Jumeirah in the United Arab Emirates.
Height 828m (2,717ft)
Opened September 24, 2008
Number of rooms 1,539
Underwater suites Poseidon and Neptune
Floor count 23


Light Show and Dolphins

Atlantis, The Palm
Atlantis the Palm is a hotel in Dubai full of luxuries and is present at the apex of the Palm Jermiah in the United Arab Emirates

Almost 100000 fireworks were used and the amount is almost seven times more than what was used on Beijing Olympics back in 2008 and the fireworks and the light show lasted almost for 15 minutes. The light show that was displayed during opening ceremony was over 5kms of The Palm and the whole island was lightened up by the fireworks and the light show. Custom made shells were shipped from all of the world for this ceremony and the Fireworks by Grucci claimed that this show made a new World record although Guinness Book of World record still has to announce about the records. Back in 2007 when the building was under construction the hotel received almost 28 dolphins from Solomon Islands. This act was condemned by many zoologists and marine biologists throughout the world as those dolphins were considered to be endangered species. It was later when the management came forward and announced that the dolphins would be trained to interact with humans but would not be a part of any circus show or any performances. It was later revealed that the bottlenose dolphins that were shipped weren’t endangered. The management also declared that the health of these species is their top priority and would be treated with great care. The Solomon Islands Marine Mammal Education Center successfully lift the ban in the court. Though the amount paid for those dolphins was never disclosed to the public.

Fun Things to do at Atlantis

Aquaventure Waterpark Atlantis the Palm Dubai
Aquaventure Waterpark Atlantis the Palm Dubai

Arabian peninsula is quite famous for the rarity of water and it is considered to be precious however, at Atlantis water is a thing to play with. The water flows seemingly in large quantities and the pleasure it keeps providing to its visitors is endless. The aquarium consists of 3 floors which has a thin glass sheet and the water inside this aquarium is almost 11 million liters. The environment aquarium provides hosts exotic and dangerous looking creatures. Wandering a bit into the hotel and you can spot two oasis sized swimming pools. Just a short stroll away from these pools and you can see Aquaventure, the water park is expanded over 17 hectares and the park is filled with slides and pools. Beyond this water park is a 4.5 hectare salt water enclosure though every luxury hotel has its own fair share of swimming pools but for a country that experiences frequent salination and relies on desalination of more than 70% of drinking water this hotel comes water use that is quite excessive. An astonishing fact about this place is that 8 years ago the hotel and the land was 10 meters under the Persian Gulf which was reclaimed later on. It is predicted that the Palm one day will host 30 hotels shopping malls with tens and thousands of residents. The hotel has two towers and as we discussed before there are 1539 rooms for public and including two for top management makes it 1541. The lobby of the hotel is designed spectacularly and the art and designs are worth seeing. The ceiling is designed too and all of these art works represents world nature and history. It represents water , fire , nature etc in the remembrance of Atlanteans.


The hotel have a team of almost 5000 staff members with almost 90 nationalities and 70 languages. Today this property is owned Sheik Mohammad and he considers Atlantis to be the Icon of Dubai. The Aquaventure have more than 2 kilometers of water slides. There’s a nine storey drop on the leap pf faith and the very experience of it is amazing and lefts you asking for more. There’s also a tube that gets you a ride through a tunnel from where you can see marine life along with dangerous sharks and that too is satisfying. There are water escalators in the hotel too so water there is really in abundance as compared to the whole Arab. There’s a middle eastern themed restaurant that serves delicious and quality food and is named Levantine. Though the place comes with not so budget friendly requirements yet the experience a visitor gets is outstanding and one is left asking for more. The charm the environment carries is majestic even though its man made and lefts one wondering about human abilities. Every penny spent at this hotel is well spent. One night at this hotel costs almost 940USD though these rooms are basic and full fledged luxury rooms costs more but the experience and the attraction it provides is worth spending on.

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