Al Qudra Lake
Al Qudra

Al Qudra lake is one the finest man-made lakes around the world and if you are into flora and fauna, you should visit this place. There is a cycle track which will enable you to enjoy however you like. You can also camp here and see the beauty of desert which is astonishing at night. This place is wonderful when it comes to beauty and relaxation. This is a must visit place which should be on your check list if you are going to Dubai.

Al Qudra Lake

Al Qudra
Al Qudra

One of the most amazing man-made lakes are present in Dubai and out of those man-made lakes, Al Qudra Lake is the best. This lake is situated outside the city in the middle of the Seih Al Salam Desert and Bab Al Shams, when you go towards the lake in your car, you see the tallest buildings in the world in your rear view mirror which is a very pleasant site. This lake was created by the office of Engineers which work under the President and Prime Minister of United Arab Emirates along with the ruler of Dubai, this office of Engineers have another 6 man-made freshwater lakes under their belt. All these lakes were built in order to enhance the beauty of the place and enrich different parts of desert with greenery and some wildlife. The lake is stretched to almost 10 hectares of the area and all the area is covered with greenery and trees in order to give shade and provide the place with natural beauty.


Type  Zoo Management, Parks and Horticulture Department at Dubai
Location Middle of the Seih Al Salam desert and Bab Al Shams
Largest Cycling track 86 kilometer
Wildlife Spotting 130 species of birds

Flora and Fauna

Flora and Fauna
Blue Flora and Fauna

In order to make tourists more interested in the place, the lake is stuffed with different types of flora and fauna. It is estimated that almost 130 different species of birds are seen at the lake and it is a great spot for all those who love to see birds. It is better to bring binoculars with you because these birds are very shy and they fly away as soon as anyone gets close. Usually the birds sighted at the lake are as follows,

* Caspian Plover

* Glossy Ibis

* Sanderling

* Ruddy

* Turnstone

* Gull-billed tern

* Common Starling

* Rosy starling

* Eurasian Wryneck

* Eagles

* Falcons

All these birds are spotted there, the management have also stocked the lake with fish, which mainly includes the Tilapia fish. In order to make the lake more attractive, the beds around the lake are stuffed with red-beds which attract the birds and make it a scenery worth looking at. There are number of migratory birds around the lake as well, these birds find the lake suitable to inhabit because of the greenery and trees all around it and it is the only lake in Seih Al Salam which is open for birdwatchers and people can have a peaceful time here. The best time to visit this place is in the winters, as the aura is very pleasant and very relaxing. It gets very hot in summers so it is better to avoid and plan a visit after September when the weather is bit mild and enjoyable.

How to Reach Al-Qudra Lake


In order to enjoy a good day here, it is important to accurately know how to reach here. The easiest way to reach here is to take the road which passes the Arabian Ranches and the Dubai Polo. It is approximately 28 kilometers from the Polo Club, you have to travel this much distance in order to get to the Qudra Lake. There is a cycle track along the lake which is the world’s 2nd biggest cycling track and for cycle enthusiast this is a place where they want to spend their time, away from the hassle of the city amongst birds surrounded by a beautiful lake. There is also a desert camping area and it is better to install your camp just before dusk because after that it gets very dark there and in order to avoid from any inconvenience it is important to install camps before it is dark. There is a food store there which is not that good in terms of variety and you may want to carry food along with you in order to make sure that you do not have to eat something which is not suitable for you. Also, there is a place where you can do BBQ with your friends and family, it is very exciting to have BBQ in the desert it is a feeling which cannot be explained in words. The GPS location for this place is not right and if you follow that, you’ll be lost in the outskirts of the city. The best possible way to avoid such an incident is to reach the cycle trek office which is alongside the main road and ask people there for directions. In order to have more fun at the place, you should try the bicycle track as it is the best thing to do there. There is nothing like a smooth road leading you to the most beautiful of sceneries in the world.

World’s Largest Cycling Track

This is the world largest cycling track which is totally designated for this purpose, it is fun to cycle along the lake. Two more tracks have recently been developed at the Qudra Lake, these tracks are almost 86 kilometer long. This track is perfect for such people who want to enjoy peace in their life and just feel nature. This track is the most peaceful thing that you will see in whole of Dubai. Beautiful birds which present with most exciting sceneries, accompany you while your stroll on your bicycle. This provides people with the most relaxed time, while you will enjoy with your family, BBQ will add a good taste to your stay. However if you want enjoy The beauty of Qudra Lake you should plan your trip in a way that there is ample time to enjoy the lake. If you are not into camping you should leave the site an hour before dusk as it gets very dark. All in all this is a place to be and it induces a special charm on people which they remember for the rest of their lives.

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